An open source implementation of Neural Voice Cloning with Few Samples

This page provides audio samples from the speaker adaptation approach of the open source implementations Neural Voice Cloning with Few Samples.

The model is first trained on 84 speakers. Then the model is adapted to a particular speaker to generate clone samples

Speaker Adaptation

  • Samples from speaker number 84 from training set
  • But don't expect anything right.

    I won't make an official complaint.

    They make a selective perception process.

    Speaker 85

    Predicted Voices for speaker 85

    Players are fighting to stay in the team

    The difference in rainbow depends considerably on the size of the drops and the width of the coloured band increases as the size of the drops increase.

    I am not a fan of both.

    Speaker 86

    Predicted Voices for speaker 86

    The auction will be held tomorrow.

    It's too pretty. It's too small.

    The greeks used to imagine that it was a sign from the gods to foretell war or heavy rains.